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Evaluating Your Christian Life For 2018

Have you learned anything from 2017?

The scripture we are focusing on tonight is Haggai 1:2-7. The people of God had become careless in their relationship with Him. So the Lord told them to reflect on things happening around them and elevate their spiritual life.

Even the most faithful to God need to pause and think about the direction of their lives. It's easy to go along from week to week and not even give thought about what direction our life is headed.

Tomorrow is a new day - what are you going to do about it?


Here are a list of questions that you need to ask yourself. Be honest, it may even hurt!

1. What is your biggest time waster? (tv, social media, phone, stuff, dwelling on people you cannot change?)

2. What area of your life needs growth? (prayer, studying God's word, being still and waiting on the Lord?)

3. What needs to change in you? (attitude, doing more for the Lord, being a better witness, your need to better connect with people?)

4. What area in your life needs to be simplified?

5. How can you be a blessing to others?

6. What do you think are the needs of the church?

What have you done about it?

7. What are you going to do for God this year?

8. How can you improve your prayer life?

9. For whose salvation will you pray more fervently for this year?

10. Can you be counted on?

11. Have you got your priorities right?

12. Did you look for opportunities to minister in the church last year?

How will you minister this year?

13. Would God be pleased with your "Christian life" in 2017?

14. If the Lord showed up at your house today...would you need to make any changes?


Answer these questions truthfully and let's make the most of 2018.

Your life depends on it!

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