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Spring Is Coming!

I really do not like the winter season. Everything is so drab and colorless and it gets dark earlier. I don't know about you, but this affects my mood. I feel down in the dumps. That is why I am so happy that Spring is on the way. I love the change in the season. Trees are budding, flowers are breaking through, the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. I have already decked out my front porch with color (pink, yellow, purple, blue, red), the flags are up and the chimes are ringing. I can't wait to plant flowers in containers, hang up my ferns and smell the scent of fresh cut grass. Let's not forget about planting the garden!

I then started thinking about the spiritual aspect of seasons in our lives. How many of us have gone through drab, colorless spiritual seasons? I have had quite a few to be honest. They are seasons where spiritually I do not want to participate in church. I get so down and out, discouraged and disgusted that I sink into a state of spiritual depression. Lord knows that I do not want to BUT IT HAPPENS. The quicker we get ourselves out of this slump, the better we will be and everyone around us will appreciate it as well. I know that we cannot have a mountaintop experience every moment of the day, because life happens. However, we can ask God to help sustain us in the difficult seasons. HE did not go anywhere, we did. We allow ourselves to get caught up in the chaos of life and take on the world but maybe we need to step back and put our eyes on Jesus.

Look forward to the springtime season, physically and spiritually. Come out of the grave that is holding you down and live in His goodness and grace. Be happy, not depressed. We are such blessed people with a life worth living in color. Let's see how bright you can shine.


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