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The More Things Change...The More God Stays The Same

I was thinking today (I know, that is scary) but the thought came to me about the generation I am from which is the baby boomers and the generation before me, Silent or Traditionalist generation. Do you ever wish it was like it used to be? Sometimes I do. Things seemed to be so much simpler then. How many times have us old people said "I never thought I would see the day"...or we just go around with that deer in the headlight look at some of the things that go on today. What in the world has happened? There is a difference in EVERYTHING now and unfortunately all of it is not good.

I decided to check out what was happening in the year I was born. I will try not to bore you but you will find this very interesting.

  • The pager, cordless phone and computer were invented.

  • 1st Walmart opened.

  • Gas was .27 cents per gallon.

  • Campbell's soup was .15 cents a can.

  • A brand-new Ford Mustang was $2368.

  • A box of Cheerios was .25 cents.

  • McDonald's hamburgers were .20 cents.

  • Baby boomers (1946-1964) are known for being hard working , goal oriented and self-assured.

  • Value relationships and belief that spending time with family and friends are important.

  • Have different views on topics such as entertainment, government and religion.

  • More financially secure.

The Silent Generation (1928 - 1945)

  • Traditional values

  • Handles money with prudence and discretion.

  • Shows respect and courtesy. 

  • Determination and resilience.

  • Strong work ethic.

  • Self-sacrifice.

  • Great depression and World War II.

  • Rent was under $500.

  • Gas was .16 cents a gallon.

  • Milk was .26 cents a gallon.

  • Eggs were .17 cents a gallon.

  • Bread was .10 cents a loaf.

  • A hamburger was .11 cents.

  • New car $600.

Do I need to elaborate on anything today? Did not think so.  I think you get the picture. God has not changed....period. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever per Hebrews 13:8. In Malachi 3:6 it says "I am the Lord and I do not change....". While everywhere around us is changing, we can depend on God ALWAYS.

I have seen a shift in our spirituality just in my lifetime. This may not be happening everywhere, but it is happening. Numerous churches are closing their doors. The Bible says that there is going to be a falling's happening now. There was a time that our churches were filled every time the doors were open. Begging people to come to church was not heard of. People lingered at the altar seeking Salvation, Sanctification and the Holy Ghost. Healings and miracles were happening. Revivals went on for weeks. The church as a beacon of light in the dark. All ages were represented in abundance. 

It breaks my heart to see where we are now, considering the rich heritage that we have. Maybe my thoughts are harsh but I cannot force myself to be content with the condition of the church in general. Being part of the church, HIS church, requires more than what we give. It cost God his son and what is it costing us? I recently asked a minister what he would like to see from the church he pastored...He said "If I could at least get 50 people who were consistently faithful each Sunday, that would be so encouraging. Another minister that I met at work describes the same situation is happening in the church he pastors. He said that he was so discouraged and did not know what else to do going forward. 

I am distraught to say the least BUT I know God's word does not come back void. I wish our churches were filled to capacity, but if we go by scripture, this is supposed to happen. My prayer for all churches is that we examine ourselves and draw closer to God NO MATTER WHAT THE COST! If each of us was to make it a priority to do just a little more than what we are doing, sacrifice a little and pray like our life depending it (it does), then maybe we would once again see the Lord move in our midst. 

As far as what we are seeing in our world today, I'm afraid that it is not going to get any better until the Lord comes back. Of course, some good can be found.  Today's generation is Generation Alpha (2010-2024). 

  • This generation is immersed in technology and diversified.

  • This generation is also defined as the most materialistic endowed. 

  • All about the climate.

  • All types of people need to be represented in TV shows and movies. Nothing is off limits.

  • Spend more time online.

  • Learn and make friends digitally.

  • Need to be recognized and praised.

  • Smartphones, 5G and iPad.

  • LED light bulbs.

  • Self driving car.

  • Video doorbell.

  • Facial recognition technology.

  • Streaming and Instagram.

  • Uber.

  • Air fryers.

  • Beds in boxes.

Whatever generation you belong to, put GOD first. This world is His creation, you are His creation. Use your talents and abilities to turn this world upside down for Him. At the time of this writing, there is possibly 236 more days to live your best life for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Only He knows how much time we have. Turn over your heart to His direction and let Him direct your steps. 


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