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To nurture and equip physically, mentally and spiritually all women to live a vibrant life full of endless possibilities.

The Simply Unwavering Women


Most women's groups in the local church usually fall under the name of Women's Ministry. This is fine if you like generic. I, however, intend to want to be different because I believe God made us all unique in every possible way. With that being said, I have decided to use the name “The Simply Unwavering Woman”. The definition of simply means straightforwardly, directly and clearly. The definition of unwavering means steady, fixed, resolute, firm, constant, steadfast, enduring, abiding, unswerving, unfaltering, untiring, tireless, unyielding, relentless and sustained. Yep, that is who we is who we want to be.


Our unwavering women make up a bunch of unique women from all backgrounds, young and old, single, married, widowed, divorced. We are big and small. There are nurses, accountants, crafters, homemakers, teachers, cosmetologist, office managers etc. Yet, we share a common bond. We are women but the most important thing is that we are women of God, ready to make a impact on our family, our community, our church and our God.


Come join us and be a part of a bunch of the most amazing women you will ever meet.


Deb Gurganus

President of the “Simply Unwavering Women”



Information on upcoming meeting dates and activities

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Oreo Dump Cake


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What If God Wrote Your Bucket List

By: Jay Payleitner

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