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Let's Be Thankful

At the time of this writing, 306 days have passed out of 365 days. Wow, what happened? It seems like time passes very quickly now, especially for me. During the month of November, let us slow down and enjoy the month of thankfulness. Let us ponder over our many blessings that we all have been granted and give thanks to God for everything....and I mean EVERYTHING. Corrie ten Boom was sent to a prison camp for hiding the Jews. At prison, her sister said that they should give thanks for everything in their barracks. Corrie refused to give thanks for the fleas that infested their bedding but later found out that the guards would not come into the barracks because of the fleas. This enabled them to have a prayer meeting each day. She said later "Thank you Lord for the fleas"! I don't know about you, but I would have a hard time thanking God for fleas BUT considering the alternative, it makes perfect sense.

We are so blessed that sometimes we take for granted the everyday mercy that is extended our way. Oh, what selfish people we have become. We expect so much out of life these days and get agitated when we don't get what we want. When is the last time you just thanked God for allowing you to wake up, for protection throughout the day, for your meal? Now days, people don't even bless their food. God, please forgive us for we have sinned.

At work this week, we were talking about putting up our Christmas decorations NOW. I am not getting in the argument about when you should do it. That is clearly up to you BUT in a way, I feel like everyone needs to prepare their heart for giving thanks and reflect on that prior to the Christmas season. By the way, I am debating whether to start Christmas decorating myself. Pumpkins, turkeys, Christmas decorations go together...right?

At church this month, I am asking our church people to reach out within our church family and let people know how thankful we are to have each other in our lives. Also reach out to neighbors and even strangers to share God's goodness with them. Life is hard but we can handle life so much better when we do life together and are thankful for the ups and downs....even fleas. Now flies on the other hand.......


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