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Swedish Death Cleaning

Swedish death cleaning is a form of cleaning that has recently become popular.

Many of us have so much stuff that either collects dust or takes up much needed space in our home. The purpose of this type cleaning is to rid your home of things that are eventually going to be left to your family after your death. I know this is a morbid subject BUT it has a good meaning behind it.

First of all, it is a form of simple living, not being a collector of materialistic things. Let's say you have a child who wants to be left the old piano that it in your house, go ahead and give them the piano now so that they can enjoy it and you can be apart of that enjoyment so when the time comes and the Lord takes us home, your family will not be left the responsibility of going through tons of stuff. I know for a fact that that is one of the worst things you can do. If you have some personal things that are only important to you, then keep them set aside in a box with instructions that your family can just toss the box. I have kept cards that my parents and my children sent me. I know that this would be something that my children could care less about but I personally want them but once I am gone, they can throw away. I have come to realize now that I am older, that things do not hold as much value as the people themselves. I want to be a part of their lives, loving and hugging them with all my might. It's hard to get love out of a piece of furniture and it is quite awkward to hug it too!

No damage can be done by taking cleaning to another level. You may find that you have more space, less clutter, and piece of mind that you have not left additional burdens on you family and friends.

Happy cleaning!


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