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The Blah Months

I don't know about you, but I am not a fan of the months of July or August. Maybe it is because it is so hot and it just makes me miserable. I prefer the Springtime when everything comes alive or the Fall when color burst forth. There is nothing pretty about the dead of summer unless you are on a tropical island looking at crystal clear water, white sand and palm trees. With that being said, I started thinking about the spiritual side. Do you ever get to a point in your spiritual life where you feel miserable? All of a sudden you are experiencing a spiritual awakening and then you hit a wall, a very hot, hard wall that you cannot climb over. You try to pull yourself up but you slide right back down. The more you try to get over that wall, the hotter you become until you are exhausted. At this point most people will quit trying to exert themselves and remain in the miserable state to the point that they will accept where they are (bad mistake).

Others evaluate the problem and come up with a action plan. Did you notice I said “ACTION” plan?

Action: The process of doing, a movement or a sequence of movements, significant or exciting activity.


You have a choice. Move or stay in that miserable state. When you feel that you are heading toward a spiritual blah season, start moving. Move toward your prayer closet, move your hands to reach for the Word of God, bend your knees and ask God to help you find His presence. God will be the one who is standing by the wall. He is ready to lift you up and cheer you on as you climb over. Will it be easy? Of course not! It will take effort on your part. Yeah, you are going to get hot and sweaty, probably will be gasping for breath but you got this!

Once you clear the wall, God will be there on the other side, ready to lead you beside the still waters.....Can you just see this picture in your mind? Walking hand in hand with our Lord, feeling how much He loves and cares for you, sharing a smile, maybe a tear now and then but knowing that whatever it takes to feel Him near, it is so worth it.

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