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The Love Assignment

The month of February begins a "colorful" time of the year. Stores are stocked with red and pink cards, stuffed animals, boxes of chocolates and huge heart balloons. Let's not forget the roses that will be del

ivered non-stop on Valentine's Day or waiting in line for a table for the perfect Valentine's meal. BUT, this month, especially February 14th, often carries a lot of emotions as well. Some emotions may be positive, others not. It can be an exciting time for children to exchange valentines or for those who are falling in love for the first time, but it can be disappointing for the child who is left out of receiving a Valentine or for those who have not found love yet and even sorrowful for those whose Valentine is no longer here because of death or divorce. If you take Valentine Day out of it, LOVE is still what it is all about, day in and day out. LOVE is supposed to be celebrated! LOVE comes from GOD.

I John 4: 7-8 " Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God because God is love."

Remember that God is faithful. He keeps His promises and He gave His Son Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice for you and me. Now that is true love!

Take this month to show love to family, friends and even strangers. I am sure once you get started on this assignment (yeah, I said your assignment) you will want to challenge yourself to continue to show love in bigger and better ways. I have listed examples below to get you started. I will be interested in hearing what you did and the responses you received......especially, the blessing that God will bestow upon you for being a child of Love.

  • Write a handwritten letter or call someone to let them know you were thinking about them. No texting this time.

  • Make a cake for someone.

  • Send an anonymous card or leave someone a note.

  • Buy a box of cookies or donuts and carry to First Responders.

  • Pay for someone's meal at a restaurant or in a drive thru.

  • Write encouraging notes and leave them around.

  • Do yard work or cleaning for a elderly person.

  • Cook a meal for a widow/widower.

  • Let someone go ahead of you in line.

  • Start a conversation especially with someone who you would normally avoid.

  • Send out "Just because" cards.

  • Listen

  • can do it!!!!

  • Forgive someone who has done you wrong.

  • If you see something that needs to be done, just do it. Don't wait for someone else.

The list goes on and on.......How will you show love today?


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