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Recipe For Decluttering

Well I have finally done it! I went through every drawer and closet and tossed anything that did not warrant me “holding on to it”. I looked at it this way.....when I have left this old earth, will that item be of value or use to those who will have to contend with it? If I could not answer YES, it was GONE. When I finally finished, it was like I could breath and it looked so good. There were items that I was able to donate and that

always gives you a good feeling inside. I do have one project left and that is going through pictures. My goal is to separate them into different photo boxes and get rid of all the duplicates. I figure this project is going to take a lot of time because I will probably go down memory lane with every picture!

Do you collect recipes? I do. I collect them from magazines, newspapers, etc. and cram them in my recipe book.. My recipe book on the other hand looks awful so I decided to “weed out” anything that I knew that I would probably never cook. Be realistic. If you find a recipe that you think you will love but no one else in the family would, you probably need to get rid of it. Once I completed this part, I went on the hunt to find a recipe holder. I had no idea that there were so many to choose from. So I went to my favorite store....Hobby Lobby....and found the perfect recipe holder. It is a decorative

book that almost looks like a scrap book but has so many ways to display your recipes. By doing this, I have eliminated the unorganized mess and now have a recipe book

that can be passed down to my children. With that being said, I hope my children appreciate all the effort that is being made toward a clutter free home. I know I do.

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