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The big thing now is to live a decluttered lifestyle, which is better than sliced bread! I was so excited about the topic this month that I looked up the exact meaning of DECLUTTER. This is what it says. To remove unnecessary items from an untidy or over crowded place.

I do not know about you but clutter causes me to have a panic attack. I feel like I cannot breath if stuff is just laying around with no sense of purpose. The old rule still applies: If you have not used it or worn it in a year...GET RID OF IT! Especially if it is worn out, broken, etc.

I decided to take a survey at work during lunch. I asked a group of women what and why do they hold onto stuff. This is what they said:

1) Women keep 3 different sizes in their closet. If they get too big, they have clothes, if they lose weight, that is another set and then the size they are in now.

2) Children's baby clothes (to remember what their children use to be)

3) Sentimental value

4) Something that was passed down from your parents

5) May want it one day (it may come back in style)

6) Too much trouble to get rid of

I am not saying that these are not good reasons, but it worth it to hold onto stuff? Is there a purpose in holding onto the old pot with the broken handle just because it was Grandma's? How many have seen the program "Hoarders - Buried Alive"? This is about people who do not throw anything away. It is really disgusting to look at but they have so much stuff that they are literally being buried. It is causing health issues, safety and sanitary issues. Hopefully, we have not gotten bad, but it is possible. Start today, examining dresser drawers, closets, attics, basements, garages, etc. Maybe you can donate your stuff to Goodwill, Salvation Army or have a yard sale. Either way, it is worth it.

...BUT THIS CAN APPLY TO OUR SPIRITUAL LIFE AS WELL. What stuff or junk do we need to clean out of our spirit? Do we hold grudges, hate toward a brother or sister, resentment or jealously? It is time to dump it in the trash and move forward and believe me, you will feel so much better.

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